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Is there a call you keep ignoring?
   Does your Soul leave messages on your heart?

you were made for



Have you ever thought,"There's got to be more to life than the life I'm living."  Or, "I know there's more to life than this, but what is it? How do I find it?" These are the moments when your soul is knocking on your heart, bringing forward the deeper knowing that you were purposefully engineered, and that life is full of abundance and possibility. Your soul knows you were made for so much more, that you were created with intention, and that you are meant to live your life purpose creating a fulfilling, more rewarding experience.


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Your divine blueprint.


Did you know you are a work of art?

Do you realize you have a divine blueprint,

the landscape of your soul that is unique and one of a kind? By definition, that makes you rare and valuable.

Think of the blueprint of your soul as the plan, created by the designer with a detailed pattern made so incredibly perfect that it is the one and only original design holding the keys to, "Who am I and why am I here?"



I am deeply thankful for Stacy. I believe it was truly divine that I found her. She helped me grow in ways I never imagined and spoke such wisdom into my life as she guided me deeper into my gifting and soul purpose. I am so excited about what the future holds as I move forward and share my gift . 


Shari; Artisan Jewelry Designer 

Become loyal to your journey. 

Seek and follow the way when all others abandon it. Embrace your inner wisdom and truth.

Walk the path of your heart as you honor the print of your soul.


live your
Soul's Design.


You, your soul has a purpose. Your life is purposeful. Every life is created with its unique soul print. Some soul-prints never fully emerge and flourish. They go unnoticed and even unknown. Their divine design gets buried by life's debris until the holder of the design is seemingly unaware of its presence. People move through life wandering and searching day by day and year after year asking,"Is there more?" These questions come from thought yet actually arise from the soul, that very soul that wants, needs to be heard, recognized and used. The soul's messaging is, "Please know there is more, you were made for more." Keep asking, keep searching. The answers are just a question away. Dig deeper. Look longer and harder. Listen to the still, quiet voice within that says, "See me, hear me, know me, be me fully." This is the cry of your soul, to be known and used; to be nurtured, expanded and shared. Your uniqueness is a one of a kind gift, crafted with divine design and intention. Made for purposes beyond yourself. Purposes to bring joy, happiness, love, healing, enlightenment and inspiration to others. The world is waiting for you to discover and move fully into your soul's design. Praise to those gifted beings courageous enough to share their unique purpose with the world. Imagine where we'd be without them. Imagine being one of them.

Let your light shine. Love what you do and share what you love. The world is waiting!

Live in purpose

Live on purpose.


Today's the day you say YES to you and begin your journey into your more. Choose today to release doubt and confusion and begin to live in oneness with your unique talents and gifting. Embrace abundance.

Live the life you were designed to live. 

Be unapologetically you. Awaken to bliss

and live in passionate pursuit of your dreams. Make your soul smile as you courageously move from discontent to delight, regret to radiance, and from fear to FABULOUS!

      LIVE     LIFE      WELL          

Stacy listened to my hopes and ideas, as well as my fears and apprehensions. She helped me to see a new path and supported me as I moved toward it. She has great insight and intuition. Her ability to laser deep into you and see your design is inspiring. And, if you feel stuck, or just need reassurance that you're on the right course, she will be there for you every step of the way, guiding and supporting.

In gratitude,


           Betsy; Entrepreneur



Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.

                                                                 Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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