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Abundance Factor: Evaluating, Manifesting, Giving, Receiving 


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"Rumi

Stacy coaches from her soulful, authentic self connecting with divine support on behalf of every client she's working with. She offers techniques and tools that increase awareness which promotes clarity and the discovery of things unknown. Accentuating the positive, she teaches her clients how to find balance in big and small moments through breathing and mindfulness exercises, releasing negative energy and thought patterns. Tapping in to her intuition, professional experience, training and education, Stacy guides from a place of skill, gifting and deep gratitude. Highlighting optimism, she encourages her clients to see beyond their faulty beliefs, unhealthy thought patterns, stuck points, and blocks into life's full range of radiant colors and infinite possibilities. Her passion is to help people connect on a deeper level to themselves and the world around them, and to facilitate transformative change from the soulside out.




  change  with


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" With her warm and genuine presence, Stacy touched my heart and had a beautiful impact on my being.  Congratulations to all who have the pleasure of working with her. "

                            Judy; Veterinarian


 " Stacy is gifted and wildly       

     effective at what she does.

     Her intuitive process of

     sensing and identifying

     creates quick ease in moving

     forward with clarification

     and advanced promotion

     saving both time and money. "             Colleen; Coach,Consultant

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